11-April-2004 final release of version 2.00.

11-January-2004 pre-release of version 2.00 is available.

11-January-2004 fix for timing problem is included in version 1.42.

28-August-2003Version 1.42 released. Improvements all around, and a new C# client.

29-April-2003 version 1.41 released. Includes a cleanup of Maestro, and a bunch of bug-fixes

19-December-2002 version 1.40 released. Includes a bug fix for the gossip problem on win32 systems, migration to DLLs on win32, JNI working on win32, and a CE rewrite.

29-October-2002 version 1.39 released. Includes a port to HPUX and Solaris by Bernad Harries, and various cleanups and bug fixes.

28-Aug-2002 version 1.38 released. It includes a first version of the JNI interface, and some bug fixes.

23-Aug-2002, Problems on RedHat 7.2 investigated, the systems works fine. Seems the original report was due to local machine configuration problems.

23-July-2002, version 1.37 is released. Includes an initial Java-Native-Interface implementation, and reference count fixes for the Local and Total ordering protocols.

1-July-2002, RedHat 7.2 problem has been reported. Seems that gossip and mtalk, as well as other demo programs do not work well over the network. RedHat 7.3 seems to work fine though.

23-May-2002, version 1.36 is released. A thread-safe version of CE.

25-March-2002, version 1.35. CE: Dynamic linking for win32 and Unix.

19-Dec-2001, version 1.34. Full implementation of CE: outboard and inboard modes.

6-Dec-2001, version 1.33. Rewrite of all the makefiles, basic IO system and buffer manager.Stopped supporting more esoteric functionality: dynamic linking for OCaml bytecode, direct Ethernet networking, and various other internals.

13-Sep-2001 Version 1.20. Rewrite of the C-interface, the new interface is named CE, and will eventually replace HOT.

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