Using the Verbatim Environment

Here's how you do longer pieces of text.
     In \LaTeX, braces \{\ \}\ limit the scope 
     of certain commands, as in \verb,{\it text},. 
     Other commands, such as \verb,\verb, can 
     use any two identical symbols.

     The following are control sequences used 
     in \LaTeX\ to allow the formatting of certain 
     reserved symbols. 

     \& & - ampersand 
     \{ { - left brace 
     \} } - right brace 
     \$ $ - dollar sign 
     \% % - percent sign 
     \# # - number sign 
     \_ _ - underscore 

     These symbols are unpredictable, so be careful. 
     Note that on the output the embedded \LaTeX\ commands
     are not executed.


Note the "\" at the end of the \LaTeX\ command. Take that out and see what happens to the spacing.