Robbert van Renesse
Senior Research Associate
Ph.D. Vrije University, Amsterdam. 1989

I am a co-director of the Horus project. Horus is a general-purpose group communication framework for supporting distributed applications. It support micro-protocols that are stacked on top of each other to provide low-cost, arbitrary communication semantics to applications. The project is interested in fault-tolerance, correctness, security, scalability, and performance issues. Horus is co-directed by Ken Birman, and co-developed by Werner Vogels, Roy Friedman, and about five students.

I am also involved in a second project, with frequent visitor Dag Johansen (Tromsų University, Norway) and Fred Schneider. This project investigates the "agent'' paradigm, which is a mobile computation. Agents have almost human characteristics, as they travel through the network, interact with each other, and pay for services using digital cash. We have implemented a prototype agent system and are interested particularly in fault-tolerance issues (the "agent integrity problem'').

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