Dean Krafft
Senior Research Associate
Director of Computing Facilities
Ph.D. Cornell University, 1981

My research and technical interests in the last year have been primarily in the areas of digital libraries and information access. I am principal investigator at Cornell for the Networked Computer Science Technical Reports (NCSTRL-pronounced "Ancestral") project. This is a follow-on to the ARPA-funded CS-TR project, a consortium of the top five computer science departments (Cornell, Berkeley, CMU, MIT, and Stanford) together with the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), and to the NSF-funded WATERS project. The NCSTRL system compiles the technical reports of leading-edge research from computer scientists around the world and provides an efficient, user-friendly method for accessing this research. The system is available over the Internet at

The NCSTRL project has three main parts: It is an operational digital library, providing access to the technical reports of over fifty computer science departments and research laboratories from around the world; it is a vehicle for exploring issues in organization and policy, such as maintaining quality of service and quality of content in a federation of participating organizations; and it is a research platform for incorporating and experimenting with new digital library technologies.

Over the next year, our research group at Cornell plans to explore a number of areas related to the NCSTRL project. Together with CNRI, we are working on developing a standard architecture for secure repositories that are capable of negotiating and enforcing terms and conditions on access to documents. With researchers from Xerox PARC and Stanford, we are working on creating a distributed object model for implementing digital library services such as repositories, index services, payment services, and user interface services. Such a model would allow the NCSTRL services to interact with other digital library systems and services on the Internet. Finally, working with the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, we plan to add support for multi-lingual queries and other interactions with the NCSTRL system.

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