Technical Reports

Technical Reports are listed by faculty name

Alvisi, L. Understanding the message logging paradigm for masking process crashes. TR96-1577. April 1, 1996.

Anceaume, E., B. Charron-Bost, P. Minet and S. Toueg. On the formal specification of group membership services. TR95-1534. August 25, 1995. Avula, V. and I. Kodukula. SplitThreads - split-C threads. TR95-1542. October 3, 1995.

Böhringer, K. F., V. Bhatt and K. Y. Goldberg. Sensorless manipulation using transverse vibrations of a plate. TR95-1547. October 6, 1995.

Böhringer, K. F., B. R. Donald and N. C. MacDonald. Classification and lower bounds for MEMS arrays and vibratory parts feeders: What programmable vector fields can (and cannot) do --- Part I. TR95-1544. October 7, 1995.

Böhringer, K. F., B. R. Donald and N. C. MacDonald. New and improved manipulation algorithms for MEMS arrays and vibratory parts feeders: What programmable vector fields can (and cannot) do --- Part II . TR95-1545. October 7, 1995.

Branch, M. A., T. F. Coleman and Y. Li. A Subspace, interior, and conjugate gradient method for large-scale bound-constrained minimization problems. TR95-1525. July 7, 1995.

Branch, M. A. Inexact reflective Newton methods for large-scale optimization subject to bound constraints. TR95-1543. October 6, 1995.

Chandra, T. D., V. Hadzilacos and S. Toueg. Impossibility of group membership in asynchronous systems. TR95-1533. August 25, 1995.

Chandra, T. and S. Toueg. Unreliable failure detectors for reliable distributed systems. TR95-1535. August 29, 1995.

Chandra, T. D., V. Hadzilacos, S. Toueg and B. Charron-Bost. On the impossibility of group membership. TR95-1548. October 19, 1995.

Chang, C-C., G. Czajkowski and T. von Eicken. Design and performance of active messages on the IBM SP-2. TR96-1572. February 27, 1996.

Cheng, A. and D. Kozen. Some notes on rational spaces. TR96-1576. March 25, 1996.

Coleman, T. F. and A. Verma. The efficient computation of sparse Jacobian matrices using automatic differentiation. TR95-1557. November 22, 1995.

Cooper, D. A. The design and implementation of a private message service for mobile computers. TR95-1539. August 24, 1995.

Fredman, M. and M. Henzinger. Lower bounds for fully dynamic connectivity problems in graphs. TR95-1523. December 4, 1995.

Friedman, R. and R. van Renesse. Packing messages as a tool for boosting the performance of total ordering protocols . TR95-1527. July 7, 1995.

Friedman, R. and R. van Renesse. Strong and weak virtual synchrony in Horus. TR95-1537. August 24, 1995.

Friedman, I. Keidar, D. Malki, K. Birman and D. Dolev. Deciding in partitionable networks. TR95-1554. November 27, 1995.

Friedman, R. and K. Birman. Trading consistency for availability in distributed systems. TR96-1579. April 8, 1996.

Friedman, R and A. Vaysburd. Implementing replicated state machines over partitionable networks. TR96-1581. April 17, 1996.

Gries, D. and F. B. Schneider. Adding the everywhere operator to propositional logic. TR96-1583. May 1, 1996.

Gupta, S. and K. Pingali. Fast compiled logic simulation using linear BDDs. TR95-1522. June 16, 1995.

Henzinger, M. and J. Telle. Faster algorithms for the nonemptiness of Streett automata and for communication protocol pruning. TR95-1561. December 15, 1995.

Henzinger, M. and M. Thorup. Improved sampling with applications to dynamic graph algorithms. TR95-1562. December 15, 1995. Henzinger, T. A. and P-H. Ho. HyTech: The Cornell HYbrid TECHnology Tool. TR95-1521, T. June 13, 1995.

Henzinger, T. A., P-H. Ho and H. Wong-Toi. A user guide to HyTech. TR95-1532. August 29, 1995.

Henzinger, T. A., P. W. Kopke, A Puri and P. Varaiya. What's decidable about hybrid automata? TR95-1541. September 12, 1995.

Hickey, T. M. and R. van Renesse. Performance of the Horus asynchronous group communication system under high load. TR96-1571. February 21, 1996.

Ho, P-H. Automatic analysis of hybrid systems. TR95-1536. August 17, 1995.

Hoppe, B. Efficient dynamic network flow algorithms. TR95-1524. June 28, 1995.

Jayanti, P., T. D. Chandra and S. Toueg. Fault-tolerant wait-free shared objects. TR96-1565. January 26, 1996.

Kalantar, M. Issues in ordered multicast performance: A simulation study. TR95-1531. August 5, 1995.

Kozen, D. On regularity-preserving functions. TR95-1559. November 27, 1995.

Kozen, D. Kleene algebra with tests and commutativity conditions. TR96-1563. January 11, 1996.

Kozen, D. and F. Smith. Kleene algebra with tests: completeness and decidability. TR96-1582. April 29, 1996.

Lagoze, C. and D. Ely. Implementation issues in an open architectural framework for digital object services. TR95-1540. September 12, 1995.

Lagoze, C., R. McGrath, E. Overly and N. Yeager. A design for inter-operable secure object stores (ISOS). TR95-1558. November 27, 1995.

Li, Y. A Newton Acceleration of the Weiszfeld algorithm for minimizing the sum of Euclidean distances. TR95-1552. November 9, 1995.

Liu, Y. A. Incremental computation: A semantics-based systematic transformational approach. TR95-1551. October 31, 1995.

Maffeis, S. PIRANHA - A hunter of crashed CORBA objects. TR96-1569, February 19, 1996.

Maffeis, S. The object group design pattern. TR96-1570. February 19, 1996.

Maffeis, S. A fault-tolerant CORBA name server. TR96-1574. February 27, 1996.

Moore, J., W. Lee, S. Dawson and B. Smith. Optimal parallel MPEG encoding. TR96-1584. May 3, 1996.

Moten, R. Nuprl as a generic theorem prover. TR96-1578. April 11, 1996.

Olson, C. F. Connectionist networks for feature indexing and object recognition. TR96-1568. February 14, 1996.

Piatko, C. D. Geometric bicriteria optimal path problems. TR95-1526. July 5, 1995.

Prasad, R., K. F. Bøhringer and N. C. MacDonald. Design, fabrication, and characterization of single crystal silicon latching snap fasteners for micro assembly. TR95-1546. October 6, 1995.

Rodrigues, L., K. Guo, A. Sargento, R. van Renesse, B. Glade, P. Verissimo and K. Birman. A transparent light-weight group service. TR96-1585. May 10, 1996.

Rosu, M-C. Processor controlled off-processor I/O. TR95-1538. August 25, 1995.

Sabel, L. Approximating perfect failure detectors in asynchronous distributed systems. TR95-1550. October 17, 1995.

Salton, G., A. Singhal, C. Buckley and M. Mitra. Automatic text decomposition using text segments and text themes. TR95-1555. November 17, 1995. Salton, G. and A. Singhal. Selective text traversal. TR95-1549. September 15, 1995.

Scharstein, D. and R. Szeliski. Stereo matching with non-linear diffusion. TR96-1575. March 18, 1996.

Singhal, A., G. Salton, M. Mitra and C. Buckley. Document length normalization. TR95-1560. November 29, 1995.

Singhal, A., C. Buckley, M. Mitra and G. Salton. Pivoted document length normalization. TR95-1529. July 14, 1995.

Srinivasan, P. Exploring query expansion strategies for MEDLINE. TR95-1528. July 2, 1995.

Stetter, H. J. Analysis of zero clusters in multivariate polynomial systems. TR96-1567. February 11, 1996.

Trefethen, L. N. Pseudospectra of linear operators. TR95-1556. November 19, 1995.

Trefethen, A. E., V. S. Menon, C-C. Chang, G. Czajkowski, C. Myers and L N. Trefethen. MultiMATLAB: MATLAB on multiple pro-cessors. TR96-1586. May 14, 1996.

Van Loan, C. F. Building "Computational intuition" in freshman scientists and engineers. TR95-1553. November 7, 1995.

Weber, S. and B. Bloom. Metatheory of the ¹-calculus. TR96-1564. January 17, 1996.

Weber, S., B. Bloom and G. Brown. Compiling joy into silicon: A formally verified compiler for delay-insensitive circuits. TR96-1566. January 26, 1996.

Zabih, R., J. Miller and K. Mai. Feature-based algorithms for detecting and classifying scene breaks. TR95-1530. July 28, 1995.

Zabih, R. Creating an efficient market on the world-wide web. TR96-1580. April 11, 1996.

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