Faculty Personnel Changes

New Faculty for Fall 1996

Michael Godfrey of the University of Toronto joins the faculty as a non-tenure-track Assistant Professor and will teach in the Undergraduate and MEng programs and conduct research in software engineering. He will also serve as Associate Director of the MEng program.

Joseph Halpern of IBM Almaden and Stanford University, whose interests include reasoning about knowledge and artificial intelligence, joins the department as Professor.

Jon Kleinberg of MIT who works in the areas of theory, algorithms, and parallel and distributed computing, joins the faculty as an Assistant Professor in Fall 1997 after taking a one-year leave to do research in computational biology at IBM Almaden.

Srinivasan Keshav joins the department as an Associate Professor after five years as a member of the technical staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories. His areas of focus include computer networking and operating and distributed systems.

Praveen Seshadri of the University of Wisconsin who works in databases joins the faculty as an Assistant Professor.

Associate Professor David Shmoys of the Operations Research & Industrial Engineering (ORIE) Department has been given a courtesy appointment in Computer Science.


Kenneth Birman and Daniel Huttenlocher are returning from one-year sabbaticals, and Charlie Van Loan returns from a one-semester sabbatical. Robert Constable returned from a one-semester sabbatical in January 1996. Ronitt Rubinfeld returns from a one-year leave at MIT funded by the NSF Visiting Professorship for Women program. Bruce Donald will be extending his year's leave of absence for an additional semester. Sabbaticals for 1996-1997 include Steve Vavasis (full year) and David Gries (Spring 1997).

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