CS410: Data Structures

Spring 1999 - Prof. Joe Halpern

Breaking News

Friday, May 21

The exam is now graded. You can see your exam starting next Monday. If you want me to email you your grade, send me email.

Friday, May 7

Both review sessions will be held in Upson 205.

Thursday, May 6

Various things: Good luck on the exam!

Monday, April 19

There have been some corrections to the provided utilities for HW9. I've marked the version of the assignment on the web with **CHANGED** to show where the changes have occurred. Check netnews for further annoucements of changes.

Sunday, March 14

Because Cindy is busy, the only time you can pick up the homework on Monday and Tuesday is 2-4 PM. Email Cindy (cindy@cs.cornell.edu) if that doesn't work for you. Solutions are finally available. Note that I regarded some prelims yesterday due to problems with question 6 (see the solutions for details).

Friday, March 12

As previously announced, there will be changes in office hours this week to accommodate the fact that the homework is due Tuesday, not Thursday: These changes are for the week of March 13-20 only!

Thursday, March 11

The midterms are graded, and can be picked up Cindy Robinson. The mean was not too high: 36/60. It was certainly harder (and longer) than I intended. If you have questions about the grading, then (1) do *not* take your midterm from Cindy's office; once you do that, you waive the right to complain, (2) wait until solutions are posted (probably next Wednesday) to see what you did wrong, and (3) if you're still convince there's a problem, make an appointment to see me. Note that I will be out of the office until Wednesday (Prof. Tardos is teaching the class on Tuesday). There is no statute of limitations on questions about the midterm, as long as you leave it in Cindy's office.

Thursday, March 11

Because the homework this week is due on Tuesday, many of the office hours normally held on Tuesday and Wednesday will be moved back to Monday. Stay tuned for times.

Thursday, March 11

Randy Fernando's office hours for this Sunday (March 14) have been moved to 5-6PM.

Monday, March 8

Solutions to the review problems are available

Friday, March 5

The review sessions will be held 7-8:30 on Monday and Tuesday night, in Thurston 205.

Sunday, Feb. 28

I've scheduled the midterm for Thursday, March 11, in class. I will be scheduling review sessions shortly. Watch this space for details. Also, note that I've slightly changed the course grading scheme, to be consistent with the actual number of assignments: the final is worth 35% and the problem sets are worth 20% (the programming assignments are still worth 25%).

Tuesday, Feb. 15

Yet another version of Sorter.java (needed for HW3) has been posted; this one has extra parameters for Insertion Sort.

Monday, Feb. 15

A corrected version of Sorter.java (needed for HW3) has been posted.

Friday, Feb. 12

The source files you need to do homework 3 are now available on the web. You can access them through the web version of HW3. We're also setting up a directory under \\goose\courses where you can leave your program when it's done. I hope it will be set up by today. Finally, note that the homework also has a written component. You can hand that in at the beginning of class on Feb. 25.

Thursday, Feb. 11

Jason Howes and Joy Alamgir will be offering short Java tutorials tomorrow (2/12) in the CSUGlab from 12-1 and 4:30-5:30. Also, keep checking the version of HW3 on the web page for minor corrections and updates. As I said in class, the test harness is in class1.java, not Tester.java.

Wednesday, Feb. 10

Rami Baalbaki's office hours have changed to 4-5 on Monday, in Rhodes 455 (instead of 8:30-9:30 on Monday)

Friday, Feb. 5

Check here to find out about passwords and other info regarding the CSUGlab. You'll need to deal with this before you can use the lab.

Thursday, Feb. 4

There have been some changes in offices hours. Randy Fernando will be holding office hours Sunday afternoon, not Sunday evening, and Rami Baalbaki's office hours are cancelled for Feb. 8.