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Computer Science Colloquium, Spring 2013

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Thursdays at 4:15pm in B17 Upson (Unless otherwise indicated)
Date Speaker Title Host
Thursday 01.24.13 Srinivasan Seshan Designing Networks to Support Evolution

H. Weatherspoon

Thursday 01.31.13 John Lasseter Lecture on Dijkstra's Algorithm D. Fan
Tuesday 02.05.13 Guy Lebanon Stochastic m-Estimators and the Tradeoff Between Statistical Accuracy and Computational Complexity D. Shmoys
Thursday 02.07.13 Noam Nisan Selling Two Objects (in Three Models) B. Kleinberg
Tuesday 02.12.13 Ashish Goel Algorithms for Modern Data Models E. Tardos
Thursday 02.14.13 Suvrit Sra Leveraging Inexactness For Scalability C. Van Loan
Tuesday 02.19.13 Eric Eaton Lecture W. White
Thursday 02.21.13 Chong Wang

Probabilistic Modeling for Large-scale Data Exploration

T. Joachims
Thursday 02.28.13 Alex Halderman Securing Digital Democracy A. Myers
Tuesday 03.05.13 Ankur Moitra

New Algorithms for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Beyond

R. Kleinberg
Thursday 03.07.13 Quoc Le Scaling Deep Learning to 10,000 Cores and Beyond T. Joachims
Tuesday 03.12.13 Matei Zahara Making Big Data Analytics Interactive and Real-Time E. Sirer
Thursday 03.14.13 Stratos Idreos Database Cracking and the Path Towards Auto-tuning Database Kernels J. Gehrke
Thursday 03.28.13 Nadia Heninger RSA in the Real World F. Schneider
Tuesday 04.09.13 Dan Licata Programming and Proving in Homotopy Type N. Foster
Thursday 04.18.13 Daniel Hsu

Fast Learning Algorithms for Discovering the Hidden Structure in Data

T. Joachims
Tuesday 04.23.13 Nando de Freitas Big Data: Statistical and Computational Challenges and Opportunities T. Joachims
Thursday 04.25.13 Serge Belongie

Fine Grained Visual Categorization with Humans in the Loop

R. Zabih
Tuesday 04.30.13 Vitaly Shmatikov

Whither Data Privacy: What Works, What Doesn't, and What Is to Be Done

J. Halpern
Thursday 05.02.13 Ari Juels

Aggregation and Distribution in Cloud Security

R. Pass


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