my name is shion guha and I am a doctoral candidate of information science at cornell university. i expect to graduate in spring 2016. here is my curriculum vitae and a list of publications (with pdfs!)
i am advised by stephen wicker (ece) [chair], lee humphreys (communication) and john bunge (statistics). i also work closely with geri gay and eric baumer in the interaction design lab.


my work lies between human computer interaction (hci) and social network analysis (sna).
some people call my research approach computational social science or data science.
i am interested in studying boundary signals such as surveillance, deception and non-use

i am also quite interested in developing mixed methodologies for data science.

some research productivity traces: github | acm dl | google scholar | dblp


i love teaching. i am a co-instructor (with prof. malte jung) for INFO 6940: Honest Statistics. this is a 1 credit workshop style seminar for graduate students in computing and information science to do better data analysis.

i am very passionate about increasing rigor in quantitative methods in hci and this is one (low cost, low effort) way in which i hope to contribute to the academic community. this link contains readings (with links to pdfs) as well as relevant code/datasets that we shall use and shall be updated weekly.

here are some other courses that i have been fortunate to teach while at Cornell

spring 2014: cs/info 3300: data driven web-pages with prof. david mimno.

spring 2013: comm/info 3300: new media and society with prof. tarleton gillespie.

spring 2012: cs/info 3300: data driven web applications with dr. lucja kot.

fall 2011: cs/info 4302: web information systems with prof. carl lagoze.

summer 2011: cs/info 1305: computation and culture in the digital age with dr. daisy fan.


99 days of freedom: Washington Post, NY Times, Huffington Post, USA Today, Time

mobile privacy and security: Cornell Press Release, Washington Times, Futurity


email: sguha [at] cs [dot] cornell [dot] edu

public key (2048 bit): 58642A12