Ross A. Knepper

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science
Cornell University
321 Gates Hall

Phone: 607-255-8634
Fax: 607-255-9468
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Administrative assistant: Randy Hess (607-255-0985)

Office hours: Tuesdays 11am-noon

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Research Interests

Research Interests

My research addresses the algorithmic aspects of advanced factory automation, enabling autonomous robots to function safely and comprehensibly alongside humans in environments structured for people. Doing so will open up many products still assembled by hand today to automation opportunities. Leveraging insights from psychology, sociology, and linguistics, robots will interact with factory workers through natural language and gesture, so that they can be programmed without special training and can operate as peers with human workers. Robots must be aware of their environment and responsive to changes within it. In multi-robot deployments, a distributed planning and control approach is vital to enable scalability and provable correctness. I use IKEA furniture in the laboratory to demonstrate techniques in planning, control, perception and human interaction for automated assembly in the field.

Interested in working with me?

I am recruiting highly talented graduate students and postdocs in robotics. If you are a prospective PhD student, please apply to the Cornell CS Ph.D. program. Please familiarize yourself with my research before applying. I look forward to talking with you after you are admitted. Please understand that I do not control the PhD admissions process, which is handled by the admissions committee. E-mailing me your resume and test scores won't help you get admitted (and I will most likely ignore your message).


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