• MWrap – Generates wrappers to call C/C++ and Fortran codes from MATLAB.
  • Matexpr – Compiles MATLAB-like expressions embedded in C/C++ code
  • Matscat – Computes resonances and scattering for 1D Schroedinger operators
  • HiQLab – A finite element simulator for computing losses in resonant microsystems.
  • MATFEAP – MATLAB interfaces to the FEAP finite element analysis code.
  • SUGAR – A lumped-element modeling system for MEMS based on modified nodal analysis. I also worked on M&MEMS, a web-based interface to the SUGAR simulator.
  • CLAPACK 3.0 – C translation of of the LAPACK library for dense numerical linear algebra.


  • mex-mingw32 – (Cross)-compile Windows MEX files with the mingw32 toolchain
  • dsbweb (doc) – simple documentation for C/C++, Fortran, and MATLAB
  • femat_sparse – fast finite element matrix assembly in MATLAB
  • PS Handout – PowerPoint-style handouts from PostScript slides
  • FEAP I/O patches – better graphics and command editing for FEAP